The prison work of Day One Christian Ministries


hand in jail

Welcome to the website of Day One Prison Ministry.

Why is our Prison Ministry so Important?

  • The diaries are given out in the first 24 hours of an inmate’s arrival- even in centres, people come with almost nothing so are grateful to receive the diary.
  • Given out in “goody bags” at Christmas.
  • Prisoners use them to store phone numbers and appointments in; also they are used to look up the verse for the day on the day of their birthday or the day of their release.
  • Prisoners use them for everyday information and keep them in their pockets because they feel that their personal information is then safe.
  • When prisoners reoffend the first thing they will ask for when they return to prison is a DayOne diary.
  • Even the prison staff use them to keep work rotas in!

Word of thanks

We are so grateful for the Day One Diaries; they are so much appreciated… So I would like to thank your supporters who generously donate year in and out.

I take encouragement every time we give one away from the fact that the Word of God is there, in front of a prisoner, every time he/she makes an entry or looks up a date.